Importance Of Code Quality In Software Development

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Code quality plays an important role in the quality of the computer software development process, but in many cases, its importance is being undermined. How to maintain the code quality throughout the software development process? If that can be achieved, what are the parameters we should use to measure code quality?

We attempt to find answers to these questions in this session.

What Is Code Quality?

The definition of code quality depends on the context, meaning that the definition that a web application developer gives for code quality may be different from the definition that a firmware developer gives. The usefulness and maintainability of the code, in the long run, is an important aspect that influences code quality.

How Important Is Code Quality?

The efficacy of a software project is strongly influenced by code quality, meaning that it is indispensable for the successful implementation of a program. Many a time, we may see developers compromising on code quality because they are running short of time to complete a project.

Code quality decides the technical debt that comes as a part of software development. Higher the code quality, lesser will be the technical debt of the project. Codes have to be documented in a concise and readable manner so that it can be reviewed easily, thereby lowering the development efforts that the project demands.

If a developer fails to develop a code that complies with the quality standards, and additional rework would be required in the code. Not to mention, the overall associated costs of the software will increase.

How To Measure Code Quality?

Measuring code quality is never an easy task because there isn’t an exact definition for the right code quality. The following parameters can be used to measure the quality of code.

  • Count of reported defects in a software product
  • Fan-in(The number of modules that a particular module calls)
  • Fan-out(The number of modules that call a given module)
  • Defect density(Number of defects per source line of the code)
  • Cyclomatic complexity(Number of paths through a block of code)

Taking a qualitative approach is often the best way to measure code quality. Ask someone who is good at coding to read the code and comment on its maintainability and readability.

If your code lacks quality, it could lead to flaws in the performance of the software and heavy financial losses. Unless you give priority to maintaining the code quality during software development, it is not reasonable to expect a quality output at the end of the software development process.

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