5 Tricks To Level Up Your Audio Mixing

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It doesn’t really matter if you are a seasoned professional or a humble novice who is trying to learn the ins and outs of using audio editing software, there are a few tips and tricks that will work for you and make your audio track truly pop. Read on…

Everything Starts With Good Recording

If Da Vinci had a terrible canvas to start off with, the things he could do would be severely limited. The case is true for audio recording as well. Make sure to use quality sound recording equipment and record the audio with the best quality possible. The better the quality, the more you can work around it and make audio mixing a lot easier and enjoyable.

Use Only Trusted Software

There are many free audio editing and recording software out there, and many may come preinstalled when you are buying a new system. If you are getting an audio and recording software, then make sure that they are trusted software, which have positive reviews backing it up.

Dissolve And Fade

New tracks that need to be bought into the mix, must be done with a short or long fade-in. This ensures that the effect is natural and not sudden or abrupt. The listener at no point must find the sudden track to be jarring and should instead be slowly eased into it.

Set Your Volume Levels

Everything starts at the zero level. This must be your reference or baseline. Once you have imported a few tracks onto your board, only then must you adjust the sound levels so as to create a range of low to high level sounds. When listening to your progress, be sure to set the speaker volume at the medium levels. This stands true for headphones as well. If something sounds either too loud or too silent, you can adjust it accordingly.

Don’t Leave Out The Background Noise

Don’t leave out the background noise; sometimes it is needed and sometimes not. If you’re creating a scene that has an audio track, then simply putting it as a blank silence may sound unnatural. It may seem silly to record what sounds like noise in a completely empty space, but the minute you see the final result you will come to realise how essential it is.

Employing these would do wonders for your audio mixing experience and make it much easier for you to work with it.

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