Top 5 Best Hemp Strains

CBD is becoming more popular on a daily basis. In the start, most of the people were hesitant to use CBD products because they considered it as a different form of cannabis. Later, the medicinal qualities and nutritional benefits of CBD became popular and common people started using the same. Presently, many people are using it as a medicine for the treatment of conditions like hypertension, depression, stress, anxiety, etc. Some people are also using it as a dietary supplement.

CBD is available in different forms like pills, oils, edibles, dabs, etc. It is also available in the form of topical products like creams, lotions and salves. One of the most popular CBD products available in the market is hemp strains or hemp flower. All the CBD products are capable of providing similar benefits to the users, but many people are using hemp strains because it will give a different user experience compared to other products.

Why Should We Use Hemp Strains?

As mentioned earlier, there are so many different types of hemp CBD products available in the market. Some of these products will be only having minimum ingredients like a carrier oil and CBD extract while some other products like creams and edibles will be having a large number of ingredients. Sometimes, the increase in number of ingredients will improve the quality of the product but sometimes it may affect adversely. A hemp strain is the purest hemp product because it is the dried flower of the plant. Therefore, you will not have to worry about whether the quality is compromised while using any CBD products.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hemp Strains?

The hemp strains are a part of the hemp plant that has the maximum concentration of CBD. Therefore it can give the users similar effects like that of a highly concentrated CBD product. Hemp strains contain many other elements excluding CBD which makes it more effective than exclusive CBD extracts. Hemp strains are used for many purposes such as a cure for insomnia and epilepsy. It can also be used as a pain killer for both inflammatory and neuropathic pain. One of the unique properties of this substance is that it can be effectively used as a tool for recovering from drug addiction.

Are Hemp Strains Similar To Cannabis Strains?

The hemp plant and the cannabis plant are members of the same plant species. Both these plants have similar composition and most of the elements present in these plants are exactly the same. However, there is a big difference between the hemp plant and the cannabis plant, that is, the cannabis plant has a high concentration of THC while that element is absent or very low in the hemp plant. Therefore, the taste and structure of both the strains will be similar but their effect on the user will be different. This is one of the main reasons for using hemp strains to recover from marijuana addiction.

How To Use The Hemp Strains?

Hemp strains are the dried flower of hemp plant. Since it is unprocessed, it contains so many elements like terpenes that can give a different experience to the CBD users. CBD strains can be used in a number of different methods. The most common method of infusing hemp strains are through smoking. Since smoking can have a bad effect on the respiratory system, most of the CBD experts are suggesting to switch from smoking to vaping because it is not harmful like smoking. Some people use hemp strains to make CBD products like oils and tinctures on their own. Some people also use it while cooking as a flavoring agent.

What Should You Consider Before Using Hemp Strains?

Firstly, make sure that the product available to you is hemp strains and not marijuana strains. Due to the increase in demand for hemp products and shortage in supply, some vendors are offering cannabis derived products to make extra profit. Therefore, make sure to buy the strains from authentic dealers. Secondly, people who are planning to use CBD strain must understand that this product will be highly concentrated. Hence only those people who are in need of high dose of CBD are required to use the strains or else it may not give the expected results.

Can We Grow Hemp On Our Own?

If you have access to good quality hemp seeds, you can also plant hemp and make strains for your use. However, it is not possible in some places because there are many rules governing the cultivation of hemp plant. Since there is a risk of planting cannabis under the shade of hemp industry, governments have imposed some guidelines for hemp production. In most places only licensed farmers are allowed to grow hemp plant. Therefore, if you are in need of hemp strains, either you will have to take proper license or must buy it from the market.

Where Can We Find The Best Hemp Strains?

The best way to get high quality hemp strains is by cultivating ourselves. Since it is not practically possible in many countries, you can get them from stores selling CBD products. A hemp strain is considered as best quality if it has maximum concentration of CBD and minimum proportion of THC. However, it is a hard task to find the best hemp products from the market because it is easy to differentiate high quality and low quality CBD. Therefore, it is better to buy the products of recognized dealers and manufacturers.

The above mentioned are some of the basic factors that a person must know about CBD strains. If you are looking for a high quality hemp strain, you can either get it from the CBD stores in your area or from online stores. The following are the top five CBD strains available in the market.


It is a variety of hemp plant with so many special properties. This variety of hemp strains has a large amount of CBD and only a small proportion of THC.  The users of ACDC hemp strains have reported that it gives more energy and at the same time has the property to maintain a calm mind. This strain has so many medicinal qualities and it is even effective in reducing some symptoms of cancer. It is also effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Like other CBD products, this variety of hemp is also effective in managing pain, stress and anxiety. This product is more expensive than other CBD strains because its cultivation process is more complicated than the rest.

2. Cannatonic

This type of strain is genetically designed for existing CBD users because it has extremely high concentration of CBD like CBD oils and pills. It has a sweet, woody aroma and a mild citrus flavor. Since it is prone to fungal infections, this plant needs special care and attention while farming. This variety of CBD strain is mostly grown indoors for better yield. This variety is commonly used in the treatment of chronic pains, especially for migraine. It is also a good product for people suffering from sleep disorders.

3. Charlotte’s Web

This is different type of CBD product because it is not derived from the hemp plant but genetically modified cannabis plant. This brand and their products are very popular because they have managed to make a CBD strain with 19 percent CBD and 0.30 percent THC from the cannabis plant. It is mostly used for medicinal purposes because it is more effective than other hemp strains due to the presence of other cannabinoids. It is used for the treatment of many mental and physical conditions. Since it is having the exact flavor of cannabis, it is also used as an anti addiction medicine.

4. Critical CBD

This type of hemp strains is more suitable for those users who need a mild dose of CBD. This strain contains only 7 percent CBD. It is mostly used for the practices like aromatherapy because its flavor is more concentrated than other products. It is also used as a recreational medicine and also as a remedy for stress and anxiety. Due to the low CBD content, it is recommended for new CBD users. However, it has all the basic properties of normal CBD products and it is commonly used for pain management and to control seizure attacks.

5. CBD Kush

It is also similar to critical CBD strains because it also has only 7 percent CBD. This is a multipurpose product and many people are using it for smoking and vaping due to its natural fragrance and nutty taste. Since it is grown on a resilient hemp variety, it is comparatively cheaper than most of the other high quality CBD strains. It is used for both medical and also for recreational purposes. Since it is having a good relaxing property, it is used for the treatment of symptoms of diseases like cancer.

The above mentioned are some of the best hemp strains available in the market. This list was made with reference to reports and feedbacks from the existing users. If none of this product matches your needs, you can find some other product because there are many other brands available in the markets. However, if you are purchasing any product which is not mentioned in this list, make sure that it contains only the prescribed quantity of THC or else it may have some adverse effects on your mind and body. It is also important to ensure that the product is not contaminated by any means.

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