How To Choose The Right Antennas For Your Signal Repeater

A cell phone repeater consists of mainly three parts including an amplifier, an exterior antenna, and an interior antenna. The exterior antenna collects the signals from the outside, whereas, the interior antenna broadcasts the signals into the required areas. The amplifier is the device that is responsible for boosting the strength of the signals.

There are different types of interior and exterior antennas that are designed for various purposes. Hence, you have to choose antennas that can suit your requirements. Therefore, we provide a list of the common options available for you when choosing the antennas of your signal repeater GSM device.

Exterior Antennas

There are two types of external antennas available for you:

Omni-Directional Antenna

This antenna is ideal for people living in urban areas or areas where there is good outside signal strength. They have a short range but can receive signals from all directions. Omni-directional antenna is capable of receiving signals from different carriers. It is commonly used by people who cannot receive signals inside their building even if there is good signal strength on the outside. if this situation applies to you, then you have to get a signal repeater with an omni-directional antenna.

Uni-Directional Antenna

The next category of the exterior antenna is the uni-directional antenna that is known for its capability to accept signals even from long distances. They are very powerful when compared to the omni-directional antennas. But this antenna receives signal only from one direction, i.e. its range is limited to 45-degrees. Hence, you have to point it in the direction of the cell tower of your carrier for receiving the signals. So installing a uni-directional antenna needs some level of expertise when compared to omni-directional antennas.

Internal Antennas

Internal antennas are also classified into different types. They include:

Dome Antenna

This antenna can transmit signals in all directions. They are the best option for using in central locations with 360-degree coverage. You have to mount them on your ceiling for getting the best results. They can cover only a single floor and are not suitable for covering multiple floors.

Panel Antenna

Panel antennas are designed for transmitting signals in a particular direction. You can use them for covering long hallways or multiple floors. These antennas can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, based on the requirement.

Different types of antennas are available for GSM signal repeaters. So you have to choose these antennas based on your requirements. All of them are designed for different purposes. Hence, when selecting internal and external antennas for your repeater, it is important to consider your situation for knowing the right choice.

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