Quick Steps to Becoming a Great Software Test Engineer

A lot of job opportunities have been opened up in the automation testing industry and testers have been looking towards this as a great career opportunity. Listed below are the most important steps that would help you become a great software test engineer in the field of automation.

Never Skip Manual Testing

Most companies are moving towards automated testing tools that are codeless, to reach an expert level quality standard and to keep up with the competition of automation test engineers in the software industry.

It is very important to focus on manual testing concepts at first. Once you are thorough with the differences, you will be able to understand that the process of automation testing is a replacement for manual testing. Therefore, there is no way you can avoid coding as a tester.  Always understand that automation testing is for experienced manual testers.

Understand the Application Well

When you go to a doctor, the doctor needs to have complete information about your past, old medical prescriptions, existing health issues, etc. to understand your new health issues and symptoms. The same is the case with you as a software testing engineer. An automation software testing engineer needs to comprehend the software application under testing inside out.

Experience the Automation Testing Tools

A major part of the software companies has already started using automation testing tools, as it is beneficial to the companies.

You will, therefore, need to experiment with the leading test automation tools available in the market to get better exposure. Experimenting with those automation tools will help you to gain more knowledge about their environment, architecture, feasibility for your applications under tests, and so on. Also, having good experience with these tools will help you to decide on tools that fulfill your software testing needs.

Always Create a Test Automation Strategy

Once you are thorough with the methodology and the automated testing tools, you will be prepared to create the test automation strategy. You have to be the right person to initiate preparing the test automation strategy, finalize the tools, fix overall cost, and calculation of ROI, to become a great automation software test engineer.

The process of automation strategy creation is considered to be a very crucial part and you will need it to develop the path that will, in turn, help you to reduce the time of manual testing.

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