Phases in Software Development for a Business

Software development is a complex process which involves different steps from planning to debugging and maintenance. A lot of businesses use personalized software for automating their processes. Hence the requirement of software development companies also increased. This gave birth to a large number of software developing firms that create customized software for meeting the requirements of a specific organization. These software helped the organization to increase their efficiency and manage their workflow in an easy and reliable manner.

As mentioned earlier, software development includes different phases. Software are a result of combined efforts of programmers to testers and debuggers. Following section will give you a brief idea about the phases involved in the development of software.

Gathering of requirements and their analysis

When developing software for a business it is important to know their specific needs. Hence, the first stage involved in software development is the gathering of information regarding the requirements of the specific business for which the software is developing. This includes meeting with the managers or employees of the company who are likely to use the software.

In this step, the data like who will be using the software, the input and output of the software etc. will be collected. After procuring the data, a guideline will be formed based on these findings to specify the requirements and to form a basic idea for starting the next step.


This is the step where a basic design of the software will be created based on the requirement specification from the first phase. The hardware and system requirements will be specified during this stage. Improvements will be made in the basic design to improve efficiency and to fit the client requirements.


Actual coding of the software starts in this stage. This is the most important and longest step in the development of software. The work will be divided into different modules and the coding will begin. Each module may be done by different programmers and will be combined together for forming the final result.


After the completion of coding, the software will be tested to make sure that it fits the client requirements. The tester will analyze whether the software is able to address the needs specified in the first phase. The testing involves different stages like unit testing, acceptance testing, integration testing, system testing, non-functional testing etc.


After testing the software successfully, it is delivered/deployed to the client. After analyzing the software the customer will specify the changes or improvements if needed.


When the client starts to use the software, there might be some issues arising from time to time. These issues should be solved for the proper working of the software. This process is known as maintenance.

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