How To Recover Lost Data

Digital data is information stored electronically in a computer system. It is really important to keep this data secure and unaltered for the proper functioning of an enterprise. Not only for a business entity, data is important for individuals also. However, due to some internal or external effects, the user may lose their data stored in a computer system. If the same data or information is stored in hard form and if it is lost or destroyed, it would be impossible to recover the same, but this recovery can be easily done in a computer with the help of a data recovery software.

What Is A Software?

Software is a set of instructions or a program designed to perform a specific task. Software is an essential part of a computer system. There are mainly two types of software such as system software and application software. The system software is a program designed to perform basic functions or to act as an intermediary between the hardware and user. It is a program that is designed to act as a platform for other programs. On the other hand, application software are programs formulated to perform specific functions like data management, photo editing, etc.

What Is Data Recovery Software?

Data recovery software are programs created to recover data that is lost from a computer device. Losing digital data is a common problem faced by most of the users of a computer. It can happen due to human error and also due to system malfunctioning. Almost all the data that is stored in a computer device, if it is lost due to any reason can be recovered. However, to recover data, it must have been saved to the storage unit, that is, the unsaved data cannot be recovered from a computer device with the help of any recovery software.

What Are The Causes Of Data Loss?

The data stored in a computer device can get deleted or lost due to many reasons and some of them are as follows.

  • Accidental Deletion

One of the main reasons for the loss of data is human error. There is a chance that the user may delete the important data accidentally. In most cases, the user may get a chance to stop the instruction in the middle of the process and in some cases, they may not. Choosing the wrong partition while formatting is also considered as accidental deletion.

  • Logical Damage

Sometimes the data stored in a system may get deleted due to some hardware failure. It can also happen due to non-response of software. Even though most of the devices are having protection against hardware and software malfunctions, sometimes it may become ineffective. This problem happens mainly because of accidental or intentional changes to source data.

  • Malware Attack

Viruses and malware are some of the most important causes of data loss. If a system is affected by some types of viruses, it may delete or alter the existing files and documents in it. Some viruses will also rewrite the instructions of the system software and it will also lead to loss of data.

  • Power Failure

The loss of data due to power failure would have been experienced by most of the computer users. If a person is working on a document and if he fails to save the completed work before the power failure, the unsaved data may get lost and these types of data can never be recovered. However, in some devices and software, there is an option for automatically saving the file and those files can be recovered with the help of relevant software.

  • External Damage

The data stored in a computer device can get tampered due to some external damages. External damages include the partial or complete destruction of the device due to fall, power shortage, etc. This can also happen due to natural calamities. The data lost due to external damages can sometimes be recovered if the memory unit is undamaged. 

How Can We Recover The Data?

Data lost due to most of the causes mentioned above in this article can be recovered with the help of data recovery software. Firstly, the user must identify and purchase a good data recovery software from the market. However, he or she can also use free software as per their preference. After getting the program, it must be installed on the device. After installation, run the recovery procedure. In some of the programs, there are also features to recover some specific data without retrieving the whole data.

Data recovery software is an effective tool that can be used to retrieve lost data from a computer device. However, the user must keep in mind that only the data which is unaltered can be recovered, that is only those data which are not overwritten by the user can be recovered with the help of a software.

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