Different Types Of Application Software

Software is the term used to refer to a program that is designed to perform a task in a computer and other devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. Software is a link between the hardware of a system and the user, that is, if a person needs an output from a computer device, he or she cannot procure it without the help of a software. Software is broadly categorized into two such as system software and application software.

The system software is a platform that facilitates an interface to the user to perform their activities in a computer system. The main function of the system software is the integration of hardware and other application software. On the other hand, application software is a program designed for specific purposes. In simple words, the system software is a program that helps the device to run properly and the application software is programs that give the user an output according to their inputs. There are so many types of software in this category and they are as follows.

Presentation Software

It is a software that is used to create and show data in the form of slides. This software will help in making attractive presentations by combining both text and multimedia files. Most of the presentation software will be having readymade designs to help the user to easily make presentations and they will also provide the facility to customize their slides as per their needs. It is mainly used to make the user to easily present a subject in a more attractive and informative format. Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are the popular presentation software used by the people.

Word Processing Software

It is a software that is used for making text based documents. These software will enable ease of addition and deletion of words to a document and also in creating an original content. In addition to that, it is used for creating memos, letters, etc. The tools available in most of the word processing software will help the user to make the document more attractive by adding different styles of fond and many other text formats. Some of these programs will also enable the user to add images and other multimedia files to make it more informative. Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect are some of the popular word processing software. 

Spreadsheet Software

It is a program used to organize, and analyze numerical data. It doesn’t mean this program is designed to access only numerical figures, that is, a user can add texts and symbols to a spreadsheet. The workspace of a spreadsheet will be filled with horizontal and vertical lines known as rows and columns. And the intersection of these lines will create small boxes and it is known as cells. This software will be having the formulae to perform basic calculous and also provides the room for the user to add their own formulae to perform specific tasks. MS Excel and Number are the most popular spreadsheet programs. 

Database Software

The database is basically a collection of data or information. It is a program that helps in storage, modification, and extraction of data in a specific server or a storage unit. Most of the business and other organizations like schools, colleges and hospitals will be having a large number of data regarding its customers or based on their activity. The difficulty in managing these data physically is the reason for using database software. This software will help in creating a new database and also in editing the existing data. Since the data is so delicate, most of the database software is bundled with effective security controls. MS Access and Oracle are some of the popular database software.

Multimedia Software

These programs are specifically designed to create and modify multimedia content like videos, audios, etc. These programs will provide the user with tools and platforms to generate an original content or to modify an existing content. These software will effectively utilize input and output devices like camera, mic, speaker and monitor for effective functioning. Software that are used for editing image files are also categorized under this section. Some of the best multimedia software are Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro, etc.   

Entertainment Software

A computer device can not only be used for doing work but also for entertainment purposes. There are so many software in a device that facilitates the user to watch a video and hear audio, and these programs are known as entertainment software. However, programs like social media applications are also falling under this category. Windows Media Player, VLC media player are some of the popular entertainment software.

The above mentioned are some of the common types of application software that can ease the effort of the user and also helps in proper utilization of a computer. 

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