All of us have used or interacted with at least one piece of software at some point in life. Software is essential to do what we want to through a computer or another device. Take photo editing, for instance; without editing software, how can you work on the imperfections on an image? Gone are the days of doing things like that manually or by hand.
On this website, we intend to provide information on all things software. We have beginner-level posts, slightly techie articles and in-between content for people of all knowledge levels. We do that purposefully to not overwhelm you with too much technical information.
We believe that our audience is anyone with an interest in software, whether it is a techie or a normal software user. Hence, the diversity in our content.
It is also important to note that nor do we promote any software here, neither do we take money for that from anyone. We intentionally keep our content as generic as possible to avoid accusations of paid promotion. We focus on software for the end-user when developing or posting content here. After all, a software application does what you want it to, which is to say, you can do a subfunction with it. An example is editing images with a word progressing program.